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I am fairly new to slaloming. this would be my first year that i am semi profisient at it. currently i can a course at -15 at 28 and 30mph i am doing this on my bosses old cypress gardens that is 68in long . my point of this is i am in the market for a new ski and am willing to spend a little on it cause i really enjoy it. I dont know if it woud be wise for someone with my experiance and go all in and buy a ski like the Obrian elite or like the HO A1 or A2 or get more of a basic ski and get a better one later on down the road.
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The Radar Senate, Senate C, or Strada are said to be awesome skis for those new to the course. I was at your level and skied on an elite. I don't think it held me back, but I've been skiing better on my new Goode Fire (22' off).


If I was to do it all over, I would probably have gone with the Senate C to begin with. Good luck and welcome to your demise!

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