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Top reasons to ski-cation in Korea.


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#9 The women are HOTT. They wear heels, dress nice from head to toe and are feminine almost to a fault. Even guys like myself who just didnt like asians at all found myself with yellow fever. Every guy thats been here for a period of time gets it. No its got nothing to do with water skiing but it cant be left out. If you see a girl wearing shorts from Utah then you're seeing something Goode!


#8 Everything else for you vacation-y types. Do a temple stay, see some lame museums, enjoy a sauna, climb a mountain since hiking is big here too, if you can scuba dive and you must do it then go ahead. Play some starcraft in korea just for the novelty of it. The night life is Seoul, as an English man once pointed out to me, is "mental".


#7 I've got it all mapped out.


There it is, every place in the country. I may be missing a few obscure spots on a river though, and it the notes need to be updated for all you ball chasers out there. The place that is probably the most beautiful and set up for a vacation is also the worst place to ski as it is fully packed with weekend visitors.


#6 You can ski the hangang in Seoul. Im not sure if there are skiing opportunities in other cosmopolitian cities around the world, but there's something to be said about skiing in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world at 7 am and Im not sure you can do the same anywhere else.


#5 No lines. I dont think I've ever waited more than 10 minutes to ski, but I never feel like I'm waiting.


#4 These cats ball up. There's no mid range skis here. People buy the high end thing. S2, A1, A2, Carbon Nano, 9800, Elite, Reflex, X7, Fusion and the very rare Sans Rival. Even women who started skiing last year end up buying a Carbon Nano for $3000 USD, and then tack on hard shells which are similarly marked. They may suck at skiing, but they buy quality products, speaking of which.


#3 SKIIN' LIKE A ROCKSTAR. No disrespect to the koreans, their society is very compact and cramped, there are no large fields to play soccer and kids just plain cant run around and play like they do in the states, sports and activities are no where near as focused here as they are in the states, so they're poor skiers and everything else. You, however, are AWESOME! You're white, they've only seen one white dude come to the ski place (me), and you traveled all the way to Korea to ski. AMAZING! So is your stick, bindings and rope you brought with you. You go behind the inboard, you shorten the rope, and run the course better than the club owner, you make a big spray, the way you zoom back and forth across the wake makes it look like you're the one commanding the boat, and you whip off the handle really fast and far when going to the dock. People will clap for you when you're done, guys will want to take video and listen to tips, women will want to ride in the boat just to watch. Finally they'll invite you out to dinner and stuff you with lots of exotic food and get you sloshed on Soju. Nick and Will are probably still full. Bring your trick ski and these people will flip more than you.


#2 You can help defend South Korea from the North by building a wall of water with each turn.


#1 Skiing is more popular than wake boarding here. I'm sure of it. Outside of the popular and crowded place near Seoul you would be hard pressed to find a club that didn't have a 60/40 advantage in favor of skiers and even harder pressed to find a proper wakeboarding boat. Looking at the hardware racks full of member gear and you'll see that 90% of the equipment is skis. I think its because its easier to be a decent skier and look like a decent skier than wake boarder. No sideways hat wearing suckas around here.


Come in the second week of August, to come earlier will be met with the wrath of the rain gods. Don't come later than mid september--its colder.

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