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1995 Ski Centurion


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I would try and find a 91-93 MC. Probably be around the same price and proven.If its cheap and clean then go for it. I got lucky and bought an off brand I had never heard of. It was so clean and cheap and I didnt pass it up. So far so good. Its not the greatest boat, but for $5000 I couldnt beat it.


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1995 Boat Buyers Guide. Closed bow LaPoint Ski Centurion

Boats that scored higher for slalom:




Malibu Echelon and Response

MC Prostar


Ski Ray Spite fire

Sangar Dx 2

Supra ts6m

California Skier

Tige 2000slm comp

and several others


Would not be my first choice. Would have to be a great deal or I would have to be a person that didnt care about wakes. Rooster tail at 22 off 36mph.



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Are you in a hurry to buy a boat? If you can wait a couple of months, we'll probably be selling our '91 Prostar at a good price, as the boss kind of wants an open bow. We only have 330 hours on it (second owners), and it runs great.
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