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Chief Baller at the Masters


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  • Baller_

Wow! what a Master's!

John Hope you got all the photos one could possibly take. I think next year I will have to put a extra boat in the water just for you and your minion follower's, I will make sure Stev-O is your personal captain and that we at least have a bikini girl to serve cold soda and water.


Sorry I could not take pictures of the Chief in action as he does get around and has made a place for himself at both Callaway and the Mexican joint, Kind-A like a home away from home for John especially at the dinner table. Next time I will order for two!

John Thanks for participating at the Masters in your function of what ever it is that you did but I am sure it was great!

All kidding aside thanks for supporting the Masters and hope to see you again next year.





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