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Hydro Hoist water issue


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So when I release the air to drop the boat, boat drops, and then I get water back through the electric motor. Any Ideas? I think this is what fried my last motor, and I just put a new motor on tonight. Fills and drains through the same vent.


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Here is a complicated sounding fix...but it will work.


Put a check valve in (you want a metal one...not plastic)...in between the motor and the lift. Okay, so now the water won't get back to the motor BUT you need to let the air out while the water is filling.


The solution for letting the air out and not the water, is to drill and tap the body of the pipe that holds the check valve on the boat lift side...then install a schraeder valve (like the kind you see on tires) with the spring pulled out. without the spring, it will let air out, but will close will close once the water hits it.


With both the check valve and schraeder valve closed you will have no water leakage.


This system is used on drain back water systems at cottages here in the great white north....same design needs.

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