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Goode 9960 vs Reflex Zen

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I experienced more speed and greater turns skiing on my reflex ski, but somehow i felt more unstable. For instance I feel that my ski sometimes has no direction (feels like a trick ski). I fell so bad because i lost control. Goode is slower but more secure. what are your opinions?
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Robert, it's very possible you haven't found the correct balance point on the Reflex. Before making the switch off of it, I'd move the bindings farther apart, move them back, move them front and just see if you find a spot that makes you feel secure. I went through this recently when skiing on both my A2 and the Goode Mid. Greg Badal had me go back and split the bindings and all of a sudden I found the spot on the ski that made me feel as if I was super secure and balanced.
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