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Nautique Big Dawg short video

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Geez, those guys turn freaking hard when it's on the line. Sometimes video just gives a different perspective. I've skied with Chad S numerous times and from the boat, his 39 off pass just doesn't look THAT agressive. Love it. Kind of cool seeing our boat pulling some of these guys in the video.
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What I've noticed over the years watching these Big Dawgs, ( not all of them ) but a few, Dave Miller, Marc Shaw, Greg Badal, Matt Brown, Jay Leach, ( last year for Jay), Bruce Dodd, They absolutely crank the ski at the buoy, establish soooo much angle, then wait a split second, and bamn, the hit comes and they shoot accross the wake. The angle they take at the buoy is incredible, but they wait until the rope gets tight and wait almost until their ski hits the white water, and HOLD ON BABY. Some of the taller guys, Larson, Tynan, Favera, seem smoother, and don't seem to take as much angle at the buoy. GETTIN IT DONE DIFFERENT WAYS.
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