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USAWS Sanction On-Line Registration Fee Structure - Not Impressed...


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So, my local club is finally trying out the on-line registration solution with USAWS. We are using the on-line payments via Paypal account. I am very disappointed in the convoluted complexity of the fee setup. There is absolutely no way for our club to include all of our fees and discounted fees for our tournaments.


I was thinking that this doesn't have to be so hard...


Why can't they simply have about 30 rows with free-text description and then numerical fee amount?

Then, each tournament organizer can simply describe each different fee option and specify the price...

Standard 1EV Class C

Standard 2EV Class C

Standard 3EV Class C

Junior 1 EV Class C

Junior 2 EV Class C

Junior 3 EV Class C

Collegiate 1 EV Class C

Collegiate 2 EV Class C

Collegiate 3 EV Class C

Mini-Course Fun

Chief Official Entry fee (discounted)

Promo Boat Owners Entry fee (discounted)

Club Member 1EV Class C




Total flexibility, minimal complexity!


If you agree or have had difficulty with the on-line registration, share your thoughts on this...


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I have suggested in the past that they add a few more discount options also. They have the discount option already for Junior and Club Members. It would be nice if they added the same for Collegiate, Chief Officials, and Promo Boats. We set our base prices, then we give a 10% discount to ALL officials with a rating, a 35% discount on Juniors, and a 50% discount to club members. Chief Officials who are comped you have to go in and manually mark as paid. If you have other discounts (like collegiate), it is pretty easy through PayPal to refund that person a portion of their entry fee. It just adds an extra step that could probably be avoided with more discount options.
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