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brooks' Waterskier article is brilliant


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I like the Wilson bros advice because I find it more actionable than some of the advice out there

"At the finish of the turn, focus on bringing your free hand to the handle simultaneously as your ski is coming back under the rope. When done correctly you will feel your hips and hands connecting at the finish of the turn"


Now that's something specific I can go out today and work on!

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  • Baller

Some remarkable things about this article:


- The entire article is about as long as this post explaining how remarkable it is. It is difficult to communicate any complex concept and it is extremely difficult to do so succintly. I'm not sure everyone appreciates just how hard that is, but I do.

- This is the (very) rare article that is extremely useful to both the 30/-15 skier and the 36/-38 skier, and everybody in between.

- It wraps up a variety of "trendy" concepts like handle control, stacked position, speed control, balance on the ski, connection, and outbound arc, and yet does so in simple terms with limited jargon.

- It makes some distinction between down-course and cross-course speed, which I was just trying to do on here a few days ago, so this makes me looks smart! :) ish.

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