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Handle Size


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So I ended up choosing the '12 Strada ski and boots...thanks everyone for your input and advice!


Now I would really appreciate your help and input on handle size. My approximate hand size (using a craftsman tape measure mind you) is the following...

palm to middle finger 7 1/4

middle finger 3 1/4

circumference of mf 2 3/4


Thanks again everyone

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Handle size is more about feel to me. If I use a .940 it takes all the skin off my hands. I generally like a 1.00 but use a 1.062 some times.

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Hey guys...thanks! We don't have a ski store around that I can try the sizes on. I'll check out sports authority and see if they have something in diameter that's close. Am looking at the strada handle.


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@Tank Handle size is kind of a personal preference thing. Do you hold the handle in the palm of your fist (go large circumference), or in your fingers (go small circumference)? You might like to try smaller if you use neoprene palm guards too. Will there be other people using your handle? Do you know other guys who will let you try their handles? There's no right or wrong on this one. Just what works for YOU.
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To me there's a bigger difference between 12" and 13" than between different diameters.


I like 12" much better -- I never know where I want my hands on a 13". But some people feel like the 12" are tiny and easy to completely miss on a regrab.


I'm also a weirdo who prefers an slightly elliptical bar. For a while those were pretty common but then really went out of fashion. The only one I can find these days is Brenda's Performer handle.


And there's all those handles where the bar is not straight. I wouldn't have a clue how to hold one of those, but some people swear by 'em.


Bottom line is gotta do some experimentation, but don't do TOO much. Just find something you like well enough and go.

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