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Strada fin measurement help


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Hi everyone,


I am currently trying to verify stock fin settings on my new-to-me 67 Strada.

When measuring DFT, do I measure from the bottom bevel of the ski or top?

That will make a huge difference and want to know what is used with reference to stock numbers.


Also (beginner question) to move my fin fore or aft, do I just loosen the three hex screws on the side of the fin box and then adjust the rear hex set screw as needed?

The threads on the three screws mounted sideways look to have some kind of epoxy on them. Maybe just factory?

Hope someone can confirm and set me straight.



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DFT, place the ski on its tip (lay a towel down) and position caliper. Press thumb on the caliper to make it flush with the bottom of the ski. You are looking for .765 or so on the 67. You are correct on the how to movement.
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