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First ride of the year.


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Sunny weather and chilly choppy water at about 65 degrees, but it didn't matter since it was the first time of the season and good water or bad wasn't going to influence me too much. Not many people were skiing and I made some comparisons with the KD 7000 rentals there--they are archaic heavy and thick. After researching skis all winter I actually know what I'm looking at now. 90lb Korean women ball up with a new A2.


I know some of you warned me about the Elite being unstable and DANG you were right. I could barely stay up for two turns and I ate it 4 times in a one mile run. Usually we take a rest for a minute before turning around but since I already fell 3 times I just signaled the driver to not stop. Then I fell again. A lot of it had to do with the first time being out, and my co-ordination was bad, working out in the gym can cause muscle imbalance when doing something else, also that Elite is effin fast and Im not ready for that speed at the moment. I remember the KD 7000 feeling fast for a while until I got used to it and tried some other skis. I had to make really light turns to keep in control of the thing and stay up and I was no where near pulling or turning as hard as I could have. I did get the hang of it for a couple cuts and it felt great.


Some other notes:

Last year I was skiing two handed all the time and so I made it a goal to switch hands this year which I actually did pretty well and I think the long break, watching a ton of video and visualizing helped me start the new habit. I also hit a baseball right handed and switching to a left handed grip will take some more getting used to. I should have a lot of this ironed out by mid July if I go consistently.


GLOVES ARE GREAT. Last year I was all manly and going bare handed, and it was havok on my hands especially with all the weight training. Even though it was one round my hands/skin felt fine. They also kept them warmer whereas the rest of my body was cold. (Here's a quick note, if your feet, ears, and hands are warm then the rest of you body isn't nearly as affected, I learned this from scuba diving in Janary on Korea's north east coast, you know the one thats not far from Russia).


The Elite didnt feel as thin or light as I remember it, but then again I havent been riding on the KD 7000 for a month to compare. The thing turns like a beast though, SO much less effort.


The line is 18.25 meters/ 15off to start which is good. If i can get to 28 off the summer will be a success.


Not sure how much course running I want to do. For now I'll just free ski until I get the feeling back and then go for it.



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If i can get to 28 off the summer will be a success.


Screw by the end of summer..Opt up to 28off now and jump in the course. Please have someone record it and post the video here. Just kidding...but not really. Anyhow, keep having a blast, but do find a course. It will be humbling at first, but it is the way to go, and will make you a better skier. I regret not seeking out a course when I was younger.

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Went another 2 rounds today. Much better, and only fell twice. Still gotta work on timing and rhythm as well as my chronic failure to put my hips up. Come to the outside, decelerate and then cut like a DJ.

I'll take video next week.

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Not sure how OB could be giving you contradictory advice. You can't just bolt a set of bindings to a ski. Placement is not standardized between manufacturers. Meaning just because you put the bindings in the middle hole doesn't mean they are in the correct place on that elite. The Elite tends to run down course and give you slack if you have the bindings too far forward. Measure from the tail of the ski to the top of the plastic horseshoe where it meets the rubber at the back of the front binding. That distance should be 29 1/4.
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@ShaneH that is a truth often missunderstood.


FYI I just asked the designer of that ski. 29.25 is correct.

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