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I have people in my life that know I water ski and choose to do it when I'm tired, or I'm hurting, or it's cold, or it's stormy, or I'm sick. They know I spend a lot of free time and a bunch of money on this sport. Well I was looking through some old post and found this. Now I've never been in a fighter jet, much less flown one, but this post by George and another post by Ed kind of got my attention. I thought if some thrill junkies (that don't already participate in course skiing) were to read this, we might be able to bring in a few more addicts. @OB, I hope you don't mind if I repost this.


Concur with Ed and was sharing this with Scoke on the dock the other day. Flying high perfomance jets, landing on aircraft carriers, getting bombs on target on time, and dogfighting were all a challenge in a previous life that required skill, great concentration, focus, and a lot of the "seat of the pants" athletic ability. I equate running the slalom course at my difficult line lengths to the same intensity mentally and physically....hence my addiction! Love the thrill and since I can't do the previous anymore, I'll keep chasing those buoys to get my fix!!

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and people wonder why I still talk about my days as a jumper. Yes it was a million years ago but I still miss it.

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