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What skis have been through it all?


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So in the recent edition of WSM there was a blurb about only 5 men having been through 41 @ 36 and no 34 skier has ever run 41. We can probably name the men (women) but...


What skies made it through 41 @ 36..............and 39 @34 over the years?? -Make, model and year.- (guess you could toss in the rider, date and tourny)


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KO was on an Icon for her record (I think)

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Contacted Kristi and this is what I got back...


Hi, Good question.... I set records on all three. My first ones were on the stiletto (92), a couple of years later I switched to the IConn and set a couple of more. A week after I set one on Iconn in Destin, I switched to Goode and ran 1@41at Okeeheelee. I tied this record again on the Goode in 2001. Hope this answers your question! God bless, Kristi

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