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Funny first day out story


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So we get the family out today for the first time this season. I'm thinking about all the discussion about how to get back into ski shape/technique - run some drills, do some slow passes, etc., etc.


My wife skis first. She's been skiing the course for just a couple years. Last summer she made great progress - really nailed down 26 and 28 mph, started running 30, started working on 32 mph. Since we haven't skied since last October, I set her speed at 30 to just free ski. She says, "Set it to 26." I say, "I put you at 30. We haven't skied for months. You should just free ski and forget about running buoys." She says, "If I'm supposed to ignore the buoys, what are they there for?" Then she says, "Don't tell me what to do. Set it to 26."


Then she jumps in. Runs her opener, back to back. Ups to 28, runs it back to back. Ups to 30 and nearly runs it. She gets back in the boat and says, "See - don't tell me what to do."


So, thanks, guys, for all the ideas of how to start your season off right. That worked out well for me.

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Well, of course I did what the wife said. I'm not stupid.


Although, letting her prove me wrong seems to be a great motivational tool for her advancement in the course! Wonder how long I can keep that up?


To add to @Wish -


Happy wife, happy life.

Wife who wants to go skiing - Happy husband!

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