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Update on Maintaining Rated Driver Requirement

east tx skier

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I just got the following email from Melanie Hanson at USAWS in response to my question concerning how our club could sign off on a "rated" driver's hours if we did not have senior drivers or the like to do so within 100 miles:


Dear Doug,


I have been in contact with our Risk Management and Drivers’ Committee Chairs and they do not have any objections to changing the Trained Driver Practical Experience record to allow club presidents to sign off on club driver’s practical experience. I can make that change so that it will be an option for you in 2013.


I hope this small change helps out your club. Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention.


Have a great summer!




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This is only regarding the confirmation that rated drivers have completed the required 10 hours of sanctioned practice driving per year. This is not related to the on-water practical driver's test itself or the written exam. Sorry if that wasn't clear. This was going to be a big hurdle for our club since we didn't have any member qualified to sign off on the driving hours within 100 miles of here before this change.


As far as qualifications. I can keep time and can count. Me real smrt. ;)

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