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Where to start.....?


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Like so many I have spent a great deal of time watching and reading the BoS forum from the side lines hoping to personally benefit from the years of experience and knowledge that everyone here seems to have - currently I'm working on 32/55 and happy with where it's going. (thank you all!)

My additional challenge for this season is slightly different, but one again I am sure that Ballers will have experienced:

I am looking to help my 12 year old son. He has one full season free skiing on mono and wants to get to the course. I have been focusing so far on position on the ski and general confidence with wake crossing (keeping it fun!).

Everyone seems to agree that it is "perfect practice" that makes perfect rather than just time on the water.

Is there any consensus on the staging of training to be a successful course skier?

If there are no bad habits to break where would you start and how would you in an "ideal world" progress ?

I really hope that those of you who have been through this successfully will be happy to share your experiences, so I don't blow it!






Note: if this has already been covered elsewhere on the site then please point me in the right direction.

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  • Baller

Just today I've started on trying to formalize a sequence of "stages of training to be a successful course skier." I've drafted a rather epic (I am not really known for succintness) "chapter" that just happens to be about the stage your son seems to be in. Sent it to Horton to think about. Perhaps with a little more work I'll get to a point of publishing something.


In case not: Stacked position behind the boat for the win!


But at that age, keeping it fun is really most important. I'd almost wait until he says "what should I try to work on" before introducing too much.

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Hi Than,

Thanks very much for responding I would be very interested in seeing your article - I hope it gets posted some time.

The "stacked" position is what we have been working on as I am not keen on watching to many OTF's. Even that position however has a number of concepts eg:

Hips to handle

Shoulders back


Back arm pressure

Elbows to impact vest

Blocking position

Advancing the ski


Experience tells me that repetition will achieve a habit (bad or good) and if bad then it need to be addressed and undone later.

It is this that I wish to avoid.


Anyway will give it my best shot and see how we get on.


Thanks again.


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