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Who has skied behind a Calabria XTS or Centurion Eclipse?


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Calabria bought out Hydrodyne, and some of the models they offerred were based off the Dyne molds. I skied behind the Grand Sport Dyne for many years and it was a solid slalom boat. What I don't know is what mold the XTS was based off of. If someone can tie it to the GS, I wouldn't hesitate if it is in good shape. Dyne used balsa stringers for a while, and I think changed over, but that might be one question to ask. Glass is much better long term.
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Owned a 99 Centurion Eclipse for 12 years and 550+ hrs. Great family boat for us. I would probably still have it but it was totaled in an accident on the way home from the lake.


Things we liked:


We really like the step over open bow. I know that many don't like this but we really did. It created a very deep sitting area for the kids up front.

Nice ski wake. No, not as good as some of the premiere boats out there but nice flat wake at LL, 15 and at 22 (bump but not too bad). I have no idea about the rest since we didn't have anyone above that level.

Power: even with the 315 engine and right prop it pulled out as hard or harder than our 206 with the 330.

With a big 700lb fat sac, we actually surfed and wakeboarded a bit. Not an ideal boat by any stretch for those activities but good enough for having some fun.

Storage: the underseat storage is huge based on the open bow arrangement. I really miss this.

Besides a fuel pump problem around the 300 hr mark and a steering cable replacement about the 400hr mark, boat was super reliable.



Things I didn't like:


Tracking in the course. Compared to my '04 206, it wasn't near easy to keep straight down the course.

Nose dips. Not as bad as a friends response lx but you had to be a bit careful, as with most DD's, especially with weight upfront.

Handled chop better than our Centurion Bowrider but not near as well as our 206. That said, the majority of the time we had the boat we didn't have access to a protected course and it was fine.


If you are interested, I can shoot you over some videos of the wake at some different ski speeds (24-34) and surf wake. Make sure you look at the wake, not the really bad skiers behind it :)





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