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Ok I admit it I cannot find video's on this site easily.

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There was a video posted along the lines of someone gets a new ski to try. The video then shows them in a red and black dry suit on a red bottomed syndicate that then goes out the front after rounding either 1 or 3 ball. I saw it a couple of days ago and now cannot find it. I think it was at either Warman lake or the Bro Ho. I think it was Warman because I believe the skier is the person who was smart enough not to ski in the Warman video with the ice sheets. It may have been Bro Ho though. Anyway the reason I am looking for it is that I hope to get a copy of a video of myself doing the same move last week end. I was hoping to compare and see if the reason I did it was essentially the same body positioning off of the bouy that was in that video. Anybody know where that vid is? Thanks
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