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What temp to ski in shorts?


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Our small three person "ski club" agreed to drysuits from Nov 1 to April 30 and May 1 to Oct 31 is no more than shorts and rash guards regardless of temps. This is in the Seattle area and usually we are hovering in the 50's water andlow 60's air by May 1. Sometimes you just gotta man up!



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I guess it depends on where you live and what you are use to. You get acclimated to the temp where you live/ski so it will be different around the world.


I hate the cold and would rather be too warm than a little cold. it's difficult for me to concentrate on learning if I'm cold. I like to drop at the ends and have my partner give me some pointers and that wait time can suck the heat right out.


I'm in So. Cal and usually stay in the dry suit until the water warms to 62 - 65F, then spring suit to 75F, then shorts. All this can happen over a months time as we get lots of sun here.


Our water gets into the 90's F in the summer and most of the season I'm more worried about sun protection.

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