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Binding Liner

Jim Neely

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I use Fluid Motion liners in my Strada Shells, as my Strada liners shrunk too much and I didn't want to risk another set of stock liners doing the same thing. I painted Plast-Dip on the seams to protect the lining from wear and it also helps the liner slide out of the boot like stock.

Very happy with the change in liners, much more comfortable than stock and by getting the liner with the velcro strap on top, I don't have to have the boot laces as tight to feel secure.

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@Ryno: Yes, thanks for the great shots. Looks good.

Interesting that you put your superfeet in the shell and not in the liner. I put mine in the liner.

I had the 2011's and just got 2012's (with stock liners). The shell seems to be stiffer. I also improved the comfort/feel/control by adding a flat pvc footbed from the Goode Powershells. It makes the whole bottom of the shell a flat surface.

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