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Another girl story


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Last night I told JD this over dinner, but I'm actually kind of proud of this so I feel I should tell it here, too.


So, I'm at a friends house.......yes, I know I don't have any friends, I just know people............ and one of his wife's friends is there. Nice girl. Blonde. Nice assets. :) Don't think much about it, but she got my number from my friends wife and calls me a few days later. She says let's get together for a beer this weekend. So I say "Sure, I'm having knee surgery early am tomorrow but should be fine to mix tramadol and a beer or three on Saturday night!" :). So Saturday rolls around and I get a text from her at 4pm saying she was just getting out of the gym and that she'd clean up and call me. So I get my butt off the couch, where it's been since I got home from the hospital 32 hours earlier, take a shower, and start getting ready. So she never calls back! I don't think much about it and just hang out at the house.


About 3 days go by and she texts me. Something like "I'm sorry, my girlfriend and her boyfriend broke up and I got tied up with her. How about we go out Thanksgiving evening?" I say sure. She calls me at 5:30, says she's on her way home and she'll call me when she's ready. Guess what, no call. This time I'm a little irritated because I actually came home early from my dad's house to get together with this girl.


So then the next day I get a text saying I'm so sorry! Let's get together tonight. Now mind you, I already had plans to attend a beach party at Mueller's house that night. So obviously, I told her "Sure let's meet at Champps at 8pm. "


So at about 8:10, I'm sitting on Charles' beachfront(which used to be waterfront before Lake Conroe dropped 10 ft due to the drought) in front of the bonfire with a frosty cold beer in my hand and I get a text from this girl, who if you recall I sent to Champps sports bar, which is about 35 miles away. She's asking if I'm there yet cause she doesn't see me. I reply I'm in the corner of the bar. Then I get another text saying she still doesn't see me. So I reply back "No, I'm at the other corner of the bar. I see you. " So then I get another text saying to come get her.


This is where I take a picture of myself by the fire and send it to her and say "I would but right now I'm 35 miles away. Aint karma a bitch?"



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I learned my lesson after 3 ex girlfriends(two of which I was thinking of popping the question). I went 5 years without dating, and I did not miss it. No marriage in my future. All of my married friends tell me if I get married my water skiing days would be over. No woman is worth that.. Depending on where you live, no woman is worth losing your house, or life savings over. A friend of mine got completely cleaned out financially, and she cheated on him! Little by little they make you get rid of your stuff, and eventually you wake up and think what was I thinking??!! I was stood up in a similar fashion a few years back. I have found that women who are drop dead gorgeous are used to getting more attention from guys, so they EXPECT more. I quote Norm from Cheers.. "Women, can't live with them. Pass the beer nuts."

Shane did the right thing..

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