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fin settings in cold h20


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I suspect that if we did a comprehensive poll we would find that most skiers who run past 35 off do not tweak for temp. I guess that is the next poll... just need to figure out how to make is clear and to the point.

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I dunno...big difference when we go from MN to FL in Oct for tourney. We go a few days early which is priceless b/c we get a few acclimation sets. If there was a no brainer fin/wing adjust I would to it...but I figure I'm not a pro...it's more about me doing what's right than what's under me. I don't have enough experimental time to figure it all out other than improving technique.


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i feel the cold water keeps the ski riding high and faster then the other seasons. Water temp has changed at least 30' so something is different. I have the angle , but not the pressure to push and drive the ski forward if it gets behind . I run 9' wing angle, so more wing might be too much, thinking run deeper fin or push the tail back. Or ... stop chasing bouys and work on form at slower speeds.
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