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Ski Purchase - Need Help


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This past April, my wife and I purchased our first direct drive boat so I could get back into skiing, which I did plenty of as a kid. I borrowed a ski (HO CDX) from my neighbor this year to get back into the swing of things. It had been 20 years since skiing a single ski. I did mostly free skiing and typically 15' off at 30 MPH. In the later part of the season, I went through the course shadowing balls, just working on getting a feel for things and trying to develop a rhythm. I ran 15' off at 28 MPH the 3 times I had a chance to do this and was able to get 2 balls on my last run.


Now that Christmas is coming, I plan on having the wife get me a ski. I don't mind used and am looking for something that I can ski for the next 2-3 seasons without needing an upgrade. I don't mind used. I'm 5'-10" and about 185 lbs. I've been considering an HO CO-X or Co-X (SL), a Radar Senate, or an HO Monza (2008 that I found still new). Considering that, do any of you have any recommendations for a guy like me??



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Co-X or Co-X Sl or Senate YES


Monza NO!


read this.. http://www.ballofspray.com/forum#/discussion/4079/advicehelp-new-ski

BABE’S ★ California Ski Ranch ★ Connelly ★ Denali ★ Goode ★ KD Skis 

MasterCraft ★ MasterLine ★ PerfSki ★ Radar ★ Rodics Innovation 

Reflex ★ S Lines ★ Stokes

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