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S2 Sizing?


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5'10" 180 and rode a 66.5 this past weekend in rediculois head/tail wind along with not so great fin settings. Ski did not feel to small at all. Ran multiple 28s and a few 32s. Ski partner waighs the same few inches taller. Same results. Did not shorten line do to wind. Wind sucks. I posed the same question a few weeks back but can't find posting on my phone.
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This was a bunch of numbers from all the threads related to this ski as well as the comments if there were any. I did not get to try any of them do to wind. :-( I'd say the shorter DFT seems to be the key to stop the ski from over turning. Past that.... its a crap shoot. the ski is just to new.


6.890 tips 2.490 .740 Flat 9 degrees HO numbers



6.750 Jaws 2.50 .730


6.845 Length (Tips) 2.50 Dpth .78 Dft (that’s sooo long, overturn possible) 9 degrees


6.750 jaws 2.50 .730 DFT and 7 degrees


faster turn rate try DFT of .740, with .750 max. 8 & 9 degrees


6.84 tips 2.50 .74 flat 7 wing Close to HO numbers


6.890" Tips, 2.490" Depth 0.725 DFT




29.75" and the speed was greatly increased and improved the off side turn immensely.

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