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What ski for learning 36


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So after going back through the speeds at -22 off I am about to start trying 36/-22. My question is what ski should I be on for learning this? Is the ski I have now OK?


I am currently using a Radar Senate 69" and I weigh 240 hopefully this winter I will be more successful at losing weight and will start next season at 220. I lost a bunch this last winter then gained it all back when I went through a ton of stress changing jobs!


So, ski suggestions or is this the best for me till i get a little shorter line.


Edit: I ski only behind zero off and with ward coaching me, so I ski like a fat uncoordinated ward if you need to know about my ski style.


Edit 2: I have skiied on a 68" RS1 for a few sets, I really liked how fast it finished the turns, but I felt super unstable on it everywhere in the course. Then again it was 55 degrees, someone elses boots, and an OLD pp boat.

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