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MB Sports boats Opinions?


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Been looking for a newer boat was thinking Malibu Response but I ran across several MB sports. Anybody have any experiences with these as far as wake and quality? Both of these have perfect pass. I skied on the Ski Brendella years ago seems like they had decent wake.




2000 MB Sports 190 plus - this one is an open bow

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I had a 2000 MB 190 Plus, quaility was top notch and wake was great, but the tracking sucked. It felt very loose and it was hard to keep straight. Tried the standard rudder shaving , but did not help. Thought maybe something else was wrong and had the whole steering system check out by the dealer and it was supposedly fine. I lived with it until I sold it.
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Depending on what year and what line length you ski, there are side spray issues (especially in wind) and most don't like the bump at 22'. In 1999 they changed the haul slightly to address the side spray issue.


I owned two of them, a 97 & 99 190. Great looking boats.


Are you set on an open bow? If not I was going to list my 2001 Nautique on Ski-it-again this week. It is a great slalom boat at all line lengths/speeds.

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Hello Gregy,


I don't chime in a whole bunch, but, run like the wind from the MB. I have had many ski boats over the past 25 years. The only brand I hate is the 2000 and 2002 190's I had. Tracking was horrific and they cavitated like crazy around the turn Island.....yes the boat was slowed to normal turn speeds.


I got what I thought was a bargain on a 2000. It had too many issues to list. But the cavitation could never be solved. So Mr. Brendella let me order another brand new boat......wow...I thought it was my lucky day. But it had the same cavitation issue. It also had a major wiring problem with the perfect pass and a manifold hose that came off the first day I used it.


So after much wasted time and frustration and Mr. Brendella saying that they knew the cavitation would be there but that they decided it was a worthy trade off for the chine spray benefits......?????? What the???? is what I thought.


So I sold it to a guy who lived on a big lake and did not mind the cavitation.......he got a steal on the boat.....i was just happy to be done with MB.


I currently have a 1999 Ski Nautique with a GT-40. For the money you can not beat this machine for course skiing. It does everything good and and is hassle free.


Good luck......but stay with a boat from the big 3....Correct Craft, Mastercraft or Malibu.

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