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kids wakeboard bindings for cost of shipping


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Hello all,

I have a set of blindside bindings that have been on a hyperlite board. Neither were used much...on the order of 5-10 times/season, but they are probably 15 year old bindings. Son has outgrown the bindings with size 7 mens foot that is very wide. No rips or tears in the bindings, and they work find for a kid who rides both ways and jumps the wake.

The bindings have a wakeboard style foot bed and mounting hardware, but up top look more like an old school slalom high wrap as opposed to the higher tip WB bindings of today. Snug enough to fit smaller feet as well.

I have no need and a box to ship them in as I got new bindings for the board. Would get them to a baller in need for whatever we estimate as the cost of shipping.

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