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Dual Lock on FM Quattros


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Can anyone with a bit of dual lock knowledge help me out?.


I recently got onto some new Fluid motion quattros which for performance are awesome.

however the industrial Velcro isn't holding up, frankly its useless! after a few weeks it has separated (one bit is stuck the the Velcro the other still on the ski. zero connection as the glue hasn't held.)

so someone kindly gave me some marine 250 dual lock, he reckons it will hold up much better and is more precise.

currently i feel there is far to much velcro currently on there anyway.

So im thinking 2inch strip under the front heal and a little less under the rear.

someone who knows quattros and has some dual experience would be very useful.

thanks in advance.



also does anyone know how to get the crappy glue off without damaging the plate and ski?


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  • Baller

Soak it with WD-40 and wait patiently. Then wait some more. After a while it will all soften and wipe right off, clean as a whistle. Then use a little rubbing alcohol to remove the WD-40. Don't get too agressive with the alcohol. Wet a clean white cloth and move quickly.

Don't know about the FM's but on Wolfe's and Goode's it doesn't take too much of the 250. Goode uses a 1 inch wide strip the length of the plate both sides and an extra bit at the very front & back. It really depends on your weight and skiing style. If it pre releases -keep adding just enough till it stays on.

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Thanks for the remove advice, il try it tonight. FM`s use a pin release at the back so the velcro doesnt play a part in the release as such. it just stops the long (double boot) plate from flexing upward and releasing. for instance on the back of a boat dropping in.
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the velcro is shot I cant use it and I cant get hold of it in the UK.

it was put on properly the issue is that its split in half. the glued bit that sticks to the ski is holding strong but the Velcro bit has separated away from it. difficult to explain with out a photo. but the amount thats on there i think is to much anyway.

dual lock is just stronger so i only need a small piece under each heal (in theory)

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checked 4 "Home Depots" nothing even close, size or quality . only way is internet from state side.

I agree its not part of the release however its near impossible to separate, reckon it will cause an issue if I do need it to release on the water.

surely an inch of dual lock would do the same job as 8x5 inchs of heavy duty velco?

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Brent you may have cracked it! legend, thanks


put it this way: it took two of us to remove the binders from the ski (with no pin) so just the velcro, im 6.1 pushing 200.. are you telling me that 1 square inch of 250 dual lock would have the same effect? surely 1 square inch would have an easier "pop" release than a foot of industrial velcro?

the boots never come off the ski because it A.such a ball ache and B.the velcro was falling apart.


I honestly feel like i don't even need the pin, the velcro is so strong.


"A 50mm length of this product will hold up to 7kg" - so why have I got about 8x6 inch worth?

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