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Wade Cox clinic


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My little guy skied a couple of sets coached by Wade Cox today. For reference he is a Boys 2 skier that is running into 32mph at 15 off and is LFF. Wade changed his gate up moving him to a 1 handed gate with a much later pull out. Wade felt like for a LFF skier the 1 handed gate would help him get better angle and speed cross course. He struggled a little bit with the timing on the one handed gate but a few times he got it okay and it looked good.


The other thing was on his on side turn (1,3,5) working on dropping his hip into the buoy. He has a tendency to push the ski with his front leg and the turn stalls.


All in all it was a good experience. Wade is a cool guy and does a good job conveying his thoughts so that a 12 year old can understand him. We are heading to Coble's next week so it will be good to see how it goes. I can see the gate helping him but he might need to take a step back a little to get it right. The dropping the hip on 1,3,5 is definitely going to help when he did that the ski really snapped around.

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Wade is a great guy. Love the stories about he and Andy back in the day. He did a clinic in Minneapolis, showed up at Razor1's place later, drank some beer and played some corn hole. Great guy. Basically said anytime we want to come hang at his place in FL let him know.

I was a 36'er at the time, and he got me so early into my onside that I didn't know what to do w/myself. I couldn't get the hip drop concept, so he told me to approach from wide and plan to "sit on the ball". Bingo.

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