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Complete induction system 08 MCX/E-control


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  • Baller_

Before I put this stuff up on E-bay I thought I would give any MasterCraft MCX mechanical owners a shot at some pull out DBW MCX/E-control hardware.

Pulled off a 2008 MCX MasterCraft 197 complete induction system and cat exhaust. Includes E-control computor, wire harness, Intake manifold and all sensors along with the throttlebody,Dizzy and cat exhaust manifolds with 02 sensors. This is a complete top end for a Vortec Small Block Chevy that would allow the use of Zero Off (Zero Off No included). $2950,00 plus shipping (OBO).

e-mail floridainboards@msn.com



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  • Baller
Love my 05 197 TT with SG installed. $3k is a lot to put into a 6 year old boat with 900 hours on it before I even get to the ZO system. I think all of us with older MC's figure we will just wait it out until we have 2000 hours and then buckle down and upgrade the boat.
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