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Getting people interested in Slalom Skiing

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Start a ski club and have an open ski night or day once a week. I know a lot peeps interested in skiing but it seems to hard to find a course. We have a local club on a public lake were I live but to many hoops to jump through to join and the cost scares people off not to mention the insanely long waiting list to get in.

Just get the word out.


I think people think skiing is to hard or just to expensive. My biggest problem is just getting friends to go once after that a good portion are hooked and want to go more.


" if you build it they will come"

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Sorry Scot I did not mean any dis-respect but that wait list mile long. Yes I probably should be on it I would be in the club by now.

I remember back in the day when we were punk kids and Kieth would chase us off from the course. Funny thing I use to attend church with him. Ha Ha

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Not to be insulting but if this is on a public lake why charge people for the first summer or two? I just put one on my parents lake this summer, I footed the bill and took care of all the permits. Im willing to show anyone that wants to learn, and all I ask in return is gas money. The whole reason I started the project was to get around the stupid hours they put on the lake and one way was to have a ski club, that offers "coaching," hence the reason I or whoever is the boat driver collects "coaching payment" ie gas money.
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