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Pacific NW Ballers, the place to be this Memorial Day Weekend is the Broho Waterski Park, Graham WA

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Even if you've never skied in a tournament, come join us and ski in the Novice group. I'm certain that you'll be glad you did. Guaranteed 4 passes per round, plus JeanB's cooking ribs for dinner Saturday night. email Richard@BurienAutoRepair.com if you've got questions.
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Okay all. If you are thinking you are not ready to post a tournament score or have not skied enough or too cold. Put your drysuit on and come and ski novice. You get a guarenteed 4 passes each round and if you do the math it is probably cheaper to come ski The BroHo than dragging your boat to the lake and skiing a few sets. Plus you get either a 2011 Master Craft TT or Nautique 200. Finally, the weather is suppose to get better for the weekend. So no more excuses, see you at the BroHo........OF
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As the fates would have it, I have to be in Portland the following weekend and can't swing both trips, but last night I dreamt that I did go and missed my opening gates and not only did you guys not give me three more passes - you cut the engine and wouldn't let me finish that pass! I want my money back!


JP :)

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