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Fluid Motion hardshell(s)


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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has order some FM hardshells recently that has a similar foot size to mine. My foot is 29.3 cm (11.53 inches) long and is very narrow. It looks like I'm right in the middle between a L shell and a XL shell. The last pair of FM hardshells I bought, my toes hit the end of the shell and it was uncomfortable. That was a long time ago and can't remember what size that shell was. If you have a similar foot size, let me know what shell you ordered. I don't want to hit the end of the shell, but worried that the XL shell might be too sloppy for my long and narrow (3A) foot.


Brady Herder

Line-Off Lake




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Paul should have it on file exactly what shells you ordered the previous time. Beyond that, You could also consider cutting out the toe area of the large shells so your toe doesn't hit. That way you can have the tight fit without the toe jam.
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