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Radar Sequence Plate Instal?


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Hey Everyone, I just received some RS-1 boots and a sequence plate I purchased used. I am wondering if someone could post a few pics of the top of a mounted sequence plate? I have 6 mounting screws, 4 plastic washers, 4 black countersunk washers, 4 silver spacers and the black heal piece with 4 holes. I am just not 100% sure of where all of these are suppose to go.


Any help appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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I bought a RS-1 boot and a sequence plate from a prominent shop here in the Rockies. When everything arrived in the post, there were no instructions and only six screws, two metal washers and two plastic washers. I'll probably never buy anything from them again. Are the plastic washers necessary, and where can a fella' find 'em?


Also, does it matter how you mount the boots on the sequence plate? I currently have them mounted with my front boot (left) twisted as far to the little toe as possible while the back boot is twisted as far towards the big toe as possible. When I purchased my Fogmans, I was told that you want both boots twisted toward the little toes.


Thanks fer da' help!


JP :)

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