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  • Baller
Only three USA boys skiers qualified for the Jr masters, none in trick and jump. Is this just a strange year or a trend? Is this a validation of the global reach of our sport or an indictment of the lack of support from US governing bodies for junior skiers?
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  • Baller_

Basicly the "jr men" or boy's at the Masters is 17 and under. Rules are defined under IWWSF and International rules apply. They changed the Criteria this year for "invitation" or selection. In years past the US National champion was invited as was an invitation given for a couple other majior international tournament winners. Now pretty much it is baised off The IWWSF rankings list, the bottom line is selection potential has been cut down. US Jr Men or Boy's division is not what it was 10-15 years ago. Their used to be a long line of potential US boys that were all very competitive and could compete on an international basis. Our upper level boy's have thinned out dramaticaly their are a number of US girls at this time that are skiing very well. Have some paitence as their are a few boy's 2 that are showing some potential in all theree events. I think it is sad that the B/G -3 US National champions were not invited I am hoping the selection committee will see it's folly as they are missing out on one US boy that could win the trick and maybe overall.


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  • Baller

He could have declined his invitation...someone correct me if I am wrong but the Masters Committee has the right to invite whoever they want weather they meet the criteria or not...



2011 Junior Masters 3-Event Criteria

Orlando, FL (Aug 19, 2010)


1. Defending Junior Masters Champions in Slalom, Tricks, Jump and Overall


2. Champions of the 2010 Junior World Water Ski Championships in Slalom, Tricks, Jump and Overall


3. Top six skiers on the final 2010 IWWF Junior World Ranking List in Slalom, Tricks, and Jump


4. Top three skiers on the final 2010 IWWF Junior World Overall Ranking List


5. Champions of the 2010 Junior U.S. Open in Slalom, Tricks, Jump and Overall


6. The top three skiers in Slalom, Tricks and Jump will advance to the final rounds


7. To qualify, an athlete must be 17 years of age or younger as of December 31st, 2010


8. There will not be a Junior Masters Last Chance Qualifier Event for the 2011 Masters Tournament


The Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament is an invitation only tournament. As such, invitations are issued at the sole discretion of the Masters Tournament Committee.


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