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I'm a 58 year old male - I consider that I am a really good intermediate or advanced skier but I don't ski a course, though sometime pretend. I am 6'2" tall and 200 pounds. I've been on a 69 Connelly Outlaw the last two seasons which I purchased because I was having a back issue and wanted something easier and less taxing to get up on. However, I feel it is holding me back and want to get into a ski that I can push and progress. I am strongly considering the Connelly V. I really wanted it with the Nova front and RTP but it only comes with the Sidewinder/RTP so will give that a try. My question is the length. I'm an avid snow skier and with each passing year I find I am more comfortable in shorter skis. I am vacillating between purchasing a 67 or a 69. Again, I'm 6'2, 200 lbs, 58 years old and typically ski at 32 mph. Anybody have any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks
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Different skis have different characteristics - including the stress on your back to get up. Try before you buy.

Waterskis do not get easier or better as you get shorter. The manufacturer's guidelines are the best starting place. Again, demo to see how the specific ski will work.

I haven't skied the Connelly so I can't comment there. Radar Senate, Obrien Synchro and Goode Wide Ride are skis talked about a lot here (but I haven't gotten to try them either). Demo as many skis as you can - if for no reason other than it's fun to try to feel the differences.


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The 67 V is a great ski for your level. The 69 will be less strain and work. The 67 will turn faster but if you are not running balls I do not see why you do not get the 69.


From V


I was 200 when this pic was taken on the 67.

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