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Radar Lyric


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I can't comment on how it skis.  After research, I bought my daughter one this past XMas...but too much ice on the lake for her to put it to use before April.  Anyway, the Lyric is a (softer, womens version) Radar Senate, so it will be slightly wider than standard, .20" I believe .  The graphics are killer.   The 2011 model is a new mold based off the Strada.  It does not have the same adjustable fin as the Senate.  IIRC, the fin can be moved forward or backwards a notch.  I would guess, if she wanted the adjustable fin, the Radar peeps would put one in for her. 

To compare the Lyric to her Z7 Diamond, I would suppose would be similar to comparing the Radar Senate to the D3 Z7.   However, with the 2011 Radar Senates & Lyrics only just recently becoming available, there is little to nothing available in the way of real-user feedback. 

Not saying that price is always indicative of performance, but the Lyric is an awful lot less expensive.   Maybe the guys at H20z would have some insight for you....they offer the Lyric in their demo program.

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The Lyric is a lower level ski than the Z7.

Not to put the Lyric down but if your friend is on a Z7 and wants try a Radar, the Stada would be the ski to try.

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