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94 Flightcraft


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  • Baller

My brother had his money down on one after his Ski Centurion Barefoot Warrior was stolen.  The boat was later recovered and he called the deal off, but we demo'd a bunch of boats over the course of a few days and the Flightcraft inboard was his choice. 

Cool looking boats, tight on interior space, very low freeboard and nose.  Doesn't take much wave at idle to take water onto the bow. 

Fast...the one we demo'd ran 50 mph on 285 hp.  Good barefoot boat.  Tracked quite well...one of those inboards where even if you crank the wheel it won't break the back end like the old flat hulled inboards of the day.

Wake was a little more like an outboard shape than an inboard, but without the stiffness given no exhaust bubbles.  I was not a shortline slalom skier at the time...late high school age and had not really skied in buoys, but by brother (Razor1) and I pulled like freight trains regularly breaking ropes and it tracked fine.  If I recall wake was fine at longer lines, can't comment on shortline wake or shortline spray cuz at the time we were just hard pulling recreational skiers at 15 off who also liked to barefoot.  We were gearheads, too, so the speed and ferrari handling were selling points.



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  • Baller_
Of course it is feesable but the question you have to ask yourself is it worth the hassel and $$$$ on a old Flightcraft? Me I prefer to restore Correct Crafts and MasterCrafts and maybe an American Skier. You can find these boats out their in very nice condition that you dont have to do anything but turn the key and ski. By the time you get done with the Flight Craft you will have at least 10K into it. I checked the Craigs list add and it has been taken down. Does it make sense? That is up to you and your check book!
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