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Glasses or Goggles


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I see that you where glasses while sking. I am at the point that I think it my improve my skiing a bit if I could see the ball before I am on top of it.

Are you using sport glasses or goggles? If you use sport glasses do they shed the water off of the lens to see clearly?

Thanks, Keven

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Lasik is not for me personally - wish it was

I used Perscipt specs for years. SportSpec was the brand.

I now wear contact lenses and cheap, clear, floating goggles to keep the wind and spray out. Seems most skiers who wear contacts do not need the goggles but I can not. Without the goggles I lose a lens by 2 ball.

I use the clear version of these. http://www.floatingsunglasses.com/h-bombs.asp#



Here is me in Specs 1989. Not Sexy


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