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Somebody Know if FOGMAN has palnned a new model ??


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I heard that Fogman was working on a new and different release system.  But no timetable as to even if or when they would be introduced.  I was told they would be compatible with the current boots.
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Fogman has come out with an upgraded boot set up for 2011.  The bottom section of the boot is now unslotted, creating a stiffer lower offering more control and support.  For greater top support we have gone with a much wider strap buckler with deeper teeth.  This has two advantages.  First, the boot can be tightened as tight as needed with micro adjustablility and no buckle slippage.  Second, the wider more robust strap offers more support and therefore a stiffer upper cuff.  The overall modifications to the proven Fogman design take the boot to the next level of support and performance.  Some sizes are still available in Diablo Red and others in Stealth Black.  The boots and any parts needed are available through the following authorized Fogman distributors:





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