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Regina's Pan Am Overall Silver


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  • Baller

I"m trying to figure out something that confuses me....or I read something wrong. How does Regina J win slalom, trick and jump at the Pan Am and get silver in overall? Did I read something wrong or is that possible?

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  • Baller_

No it is not a typo. In the Pan Am's A better performance in a early round will score higher overall points then a lesser score in a final round, another words just because a skier wins the final and the event does not mean they will win the overall. Whitney had a big first ropund trick score that carried thru to the final as her best score for the tournament yet she was beat in the final by Regina with a lesser score than Whitney's first round score.
Going into the final of jump Whitney jumped a couple of meters beter than she has in quit a while, Regina needed to jump up in her PB territory to win overall yet she still out jumped Whitney but again lost the overall to a previous rd score.


Man! I hope This all makes sense......

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