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Connelly V - revisiting Horton's original review


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My impressions are based on one set two weeks ago - but largely in agreement with Horton's original review: 


It was 55 air temp, 55 water temp. Hello dry suit.  Notes based on 67" ski at
30mph 15-28off, factory fin setting (I didn't try it at 34, so no opinion of its suitability as a true shortline ski). 

  • it turns on demand - I mean wickedly quick, but it still seems to guide you through a carving turn
  • it has a huge sweet spot across the wakes
  • it aggressively hunts an edge (more than any other wide ride qualified ski)
  • it holds an edge as well or better than any other ski at 30mph

As a wide ride ski - I felt like it skied equal to the Senate C overall (but the Senate 67 doesn't qualify for wide

This is shaping up to be my wide ride for next season...anyone else out there with more water time feeling similar or different?   

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It is a kickass 30 -34 mph ski. No question. Not really a shortline 34 (55k) ski but not everyone needs that and the price point is really good.
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