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Binding and Fin setting


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Thought I would add some actual content about water skiing since it's not winter everywhere yet ;)


So I stole the micrometer from work today and I measured where my fin and binding are, this is on a 2009 Senate. 69" I am 230 lbs and trying to run 32 mph.


dft .88

depth 2.477

Length 6.870


So that looks good except that it isn't as deep as it should be according to PSC


I also have my bindings about .25-.5 inches ahead of where they should be. I did this when i was having a hell of a time keeping the weight on my front foot. it made a big improvement, but I fear it is teaching me bad habits or something. Also if it is relevant the water temp is about 65° ish here.



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Are you using tips on the length?


It's been a while since I rode the 69 Senate, but I liked a longer fin than stock and near stock depth. Mayne a fuzz shallower.


I even liked the standard Goode fin better on it. It has a deeper leading edge. At 32 you may need the binding at stock or one hole back so the ski runs out better. Adjust the fin to turn better.

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