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Adobe Tournament 10/24


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Great tournament and I met a lot of great people.

Great to see Eric run the 32 behind the Pink/Black Barbie Malibu.  I told him he needs a Barbie Malibu for Slalom and his red MC for Tricks.

Erica ran a really nice 35, I got to see it from the judges tower, so a great view.



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Erica had so many flips in her first pass I lost count. I think her first round trick run was 7,900 points!

 I watched her killing time between rounds on a trampoline doing back flips and front flips for about 20 minutes. Then back walkovers on the dock just waiting around for her turn.

The way she slaloms and tricks makes me want to ski just like a 14 year old girl!

Nicholas Lange is her 12 year old brother and he's not far behind her in ability.

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