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A1 vs. A2


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As per usual; too many new skis to try.


From Adrenailne H2O sports: 

The brand new HO Syndicate A2 slalom ski is an evolution of HO Sports’ highly successful A1, which was the company’s best selling ski during its life span. The biggest difference between the two slalom skis is the A2’s new variable concave bottom. At the bindings, the concave of the A2 is the same as that of the A1, so the A2 has all the grip and edge power of the A1. But the A2 features a shallower concave at the tip and tail, giving it additional lift and speed. Designer Bob LaPoint also added more rocker in the tail, giving the A2 a quicker onside turn. The Syndicate A2 features HO Sports’ premier construction, including an incredibly lightweight PVC core and 100-percent carbon fiber reinforcements. 


Variable Concave Design: 3 Concave Radii in 1 ski; Larger concave radius in the tail of the ski results in the fastest tail section of any on the market. Traditional A1 concave radius under the feet produces the unmatched stability and the high edge angle the A1 is famous for. Larger concave radius fore of the ski's wide point creates the safest tip in the industry. The A2 won't stop moving as the skier moves forward through the turn into the wakes.

5-Stage Rocker Line: Dual flat spots and extremely progressive tip rocker stage. Flat spot #1 equals speed off the buoy. Flat spot #2 equals the stable platform the skier balances on back to the wakes. The progressive top rocker mimics an extra long flat spot for stability, but a continuous rocker for pre-turn rotation.

Fat Tail Geometry: By reducing the overall taper in the ski, HO created a wider tail profile than traditional design.


Ski Construction:

100% Carbon Fiber Reinforcements

Torsional Carbon Construction

Polyvinyl Chloride Foam Core

Syndicate Adjustable Fin Block

Handmade in the U.S.A

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Given how much I like my A1 I might have to try an A2. There is certainly nothing in the A1 holding back my skiing though and I don't think I will get the same lift in performance off the A2 that I got when I moved from the Monza.
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