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NCWSA Nationals LIVE Webcast


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Nationals Schedule-revised


Lake 1 (Start: 7:30am)

Division 1 Women's Slalom

Division 1. Men's Slalom 

Lake 2 (Start: 7:30am)

Division 2. Women's Jump

Division 2. Men's Jump (Followed by Award Ceremony)


Lake 1 (Start: 8:00am)

Division 2. Men's Slalom

Division 2. Women's Slalom (Followed by Award Ceremony)

Lake 2 (Start: 7:30am)

Division 1. Men's Tricks

Division 1. Women's Jump


Lake 2 (Start: 7:30am)

Division 1. Women's Tricks

Division 1. Men's Jump

Lake 1 (Start: 9:30am)

Division 2. Women's Tricks

Division 2. Men's Tricks (Followed by Award Ceremony)


D1 Running Order


D2 Running Order



Boat Draw


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D1: ULM's Karen Stevens wins slalom with 2@11.25m.

Rollins in the early lead with 2115 points

D1: Team & Individual Rankings at


D2: Iowa State's Maggie Tierney wins jump with 81 

TX State Bobcats in the lead 

D2: Team & Individual Rankings at


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