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wanting to learn a backflip


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I'm not a good teacher, but:

 Biggest key is to edge hard into the wake. 

Pull out a little past the spray, then very hard edge into the wake.  It is more of a barrel role then a flip. 


Front flip on slalom:

The way I do it is, pull out hard, then hard turn back into the boat and at the same time dive forward and tuck. 

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  • Baller_

Starting toe side, a slow progressive cut edging into the wake and 90% of the weight on the front foot maintain two hands through out the process, as you leave the wake imagine trying to kick a soccer ball with your knees and your hips driving them above and behind. keep eye's open to spot the landing. you will not suceed the first time and more than likely will take 100 or more attemps before landing one and skiing away. From Stephen Seal 2009 men1 National overall champion AKA the filp dude.

Slalom front flip. Many are doing this now as ZO has made it very easy to accomplish. The key is to just hang on and do not hide from the boat while pulling to the next bouy on the slalom course, when the system decides to pull back you sould be right at the wakes pulling yourself flat and out the front! at that moment pull you knees up to your chest tucking your head and grabbing your balls. This is a very risky trick but if performed correctly will bring oo's and aaaw's from the peanut gallery!!! Remember Chicks dig scars!!!


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  • Baller

I have always taught back rolls like your are swinging a baseball bat. I have only taught them on the wakeboard and hydrofoil though.

The biggest mistake 99% of people make when doing a flip is they do not seperate the flip from the initial takeoff/jump.

 Keep the line loaded and do not coast into the wake.




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