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Trick Skiing Hardshell Injury


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In march this year i hurt my ankle(i'm left foot forward, it's ,my front one) in a comp while performing a toe side flip, i carried on skiing it that weekend for the tournament. Ever since than i sometimes hurt my ankle while performing my toe side flip when i fall . It seems it happens when my i'm leaning far back on the landing or when i have an OTF on the landing.


I had x-rays and they couldn't pick it up anything. I went to a sports physiotherapist who said that i had probably bruised ligaments. I stayed off the flips for 2 months but i still managed to hurt it when i started flipping again. I use a reflex boot which i have noticed fits quite low down on the leg. With basically all pressure being transfered to my ankle and none on my leg.Would a different boot help? I have tried adjusting the pressure from the release but it seems to make no difference if it releases early.

It's really annoying as enjoy performing flips.


Would appreciate any advice any one can give me.




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Try a different liner. The Intuition is nice and thick and reasonably tall. Kirk uses one. I use a Vans liner - same material but a bit taller. Lisa uses the liner out of old Raichle snow ski boots. Stan uses the stsndard rollerblade liner with all the stock foam replaced with thick camping pad ethafoam and the tounge padded with garden kneeling pad foam. The stock Reflex liners I've seen are way too thin and painful. Maybe Dave has Reflex building a better liner now - check it out.

One note on Intuitions, you might need a bigger shell. You can easily buy Intuitions still. The new shells are around too. This might help.

Sadly, winter might help too.


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@eleeski thanks for the tips!


I think i need both a new liner and boot. What shell do you recommend? Would you say that the PRESHAPED THICK SILVER LINER from reflex is ok as a liner?


I'm from South Africa so its spring here :D so need to sort this out ASAP

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