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2010 Malibu Response LXI


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Response LXI witr Zero Off, heater, Wedge complete, 125 hours, super clean Promo. Used in the South Valley for INT and USA tournaments.

Contact Bill Galli 559-287-3980 





















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  • Administrators

could or should?

Sorry Bill....

It is one of the nicest driving boats I have ever driven. Really bitch'n

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  • Baller

than, I was on the same page, I will not let the 3 and 5 year old girls see this one... they would carry on for hours about it and it aint happening.  nice boat though.. 

 nice driving? is the rudder shaved nicely?  I have an 07 lxi promo and it's shaved pretty good and is easy to drive nice and straight.

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